Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pick Your Poison - There's No Way Around It

I don't know what is worse: having to wait 2 weeks for the Super Bowl, being a sports writer that has to find a Super Bowl topic that hasn't been beaten like a dead horse, or the innocent public having to read the crap that the sports writers put in front of us. Today, all 3 have joined forces, in the form of the crappiest article ever written on David Thorpe of posted an article this morning entitled, "Best football players from NBA rosters." In this article, Thorpe goes through a football roster and puts NBA players in every position. In his opening paragraph he wrote, "take a second to imagine the kind of havoc some of these guys would wreak on the football field." This has to be the most ludicrous notion I have ever heard, that basketball players can make a switch to the NFL. I don't think Thorpe has even watched any of the fights this season, none of them can even land a clean punch. Heck Thorpe, the golf season just started, why don't you write an article on best women's golfers in the NBA, that would for sure involve Mike Miller, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, and Adam Morrison (he wouldn't be the first LPGA golfer with a moustache). How about the best basketball players from soccer? I can see David Beckham running the point and Freddy Adu throwing down some LeBron-esque dunks! Ooh, what about John Daly on the pitcher's mound? Hey, if David Wells can do it, anybody can. Better yet, what about professional wrestlers in baseball? They would fit right in with the steroids and all; however, their flopping abilities may be better suited to the NBA. If you are not an insider subscriber to, I'm terribly sorry you cannot participate in reading this laughfest of an article, maybe there is a reason they make you pay to read that stuff, it's that bad.

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