Saturday, November 11, 2006

NFL Mid-Season Report - Part 2 of 2

As eight games in the season have come and gone, there have been a lot of interesting stories. In my mid-season report I will cover the five most depressing stories of the season thus far in part 1 and the five most exciting stories in part 2.

The 5 Most Exciting Stories of the 2006 NFL Season

1. Nobody has complained about the new ball yet
With all of the attention going to the new NBA ball, nobody has commented on the new NFL ball. What? You didn’t know that NFL has a new ball this year? Well, they do. This year there is a large gold NFL insignia, and it’s signed by the new commissioner Roger Goodell. While NBA players have been crying bloody murder over the new ball that isn’t consistent, and gets sticky, the NFL still continues to play in the rain and snow with their new ball. I think the volatile weather conditions on a football put the players at a larger disadvantage than NBA players when sweat gets on the basketball. The last time I checked, the “new” NBA ball is the same size and weight as the old ball, and aren’t the rims the same diameter?

2. T.O. single-handedly destroying the Dallas Cowboys
Terrell Owens is a disease that infects whatever team he is playing for. This season's victim is the Dallas Cowboys. Owens is like an amazing drug with horrible side effects. “Incredible receiver with speed and quickness! WARNING! Side effects may include: having a losing season, having more news reporters than players at practice and in the locker room, total destruction of team morale, and one more overpaid crybaby that “wants the damn ball.””

3. The Oakland Raiders being so bad
I was secretly hoping that Oakland Raiders wouldn’t win a single game this season. Then I thought about the pain and agony of seeing Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma get drafted by them next year. So, I secretly cheered for the Raiders to win at least a couple of games and now they have. Now I have a new predicament, if the Houston Texans finish last and pick first in the draft, they’re bound to screw it up and NOT pick Peterson. If that happens, the Raiders would then get Peterson. So, now I am bound to cheer for the Raiders to win at least a couple more games.

4. The resurgence of the New Orleans Saints
Was I the only one that believed in Drew Brees? The New Orleans Saints picking him up was one of the biggest free-agent signing that nobody cared about. I can’t believe that the New Orleans Saints stayed with Aaron Brooks as long as they did. The Saints have all the weapons to make a run this season. Reggie Bush is the best decoy player to ever take the field. He hasn’t had incredible stats this season, but when he takes the field he opens up so many other players for the Saints.

5. Peyton Manning working his magic yet again
He just keeps silencing the critics. Every year they say that you can’t win with a bad defense, but Peyton Manning just keeps on doing his thing. Watching Peyton run the offense is like watching somebody doing something good that looks and/or sounds good! The Indianapolis Colts are 8-0 this season, having beaten the Giants, Patriots, and Broncos, all on the road. Now the question becomes, will the Colts choke in the playoffs again? If the Colts do choke in the playoffs, Peyton can always fall back on his successful commercials, those are great.

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