Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's in a Uniform?

Have you ever found yourself rooting against a team because they have ugly uniforms? I have, all the time! It's just so hard to watch ugly things, that's why I don't watch Desperate Housewives, or any of the awards shows. I had a difficult time rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals for the longest time, but their uniforms have grown on me lately and now I like them. There haven't been many weeks where I've been able to cheer for the University of Oregon's football team. Nike has made sure that Oregon's jerseys are constantly the laughing stock of college football. As bad as those uniforms are year in and year out, at least Nike has never sunk as low as to put a "bib" on Oregon's jerseys like they did to BYU's uniforms in 1998. Really bright colors are horrible for jerseys; they are hard on the eyes and look...well...horrible. The WNBA can get away with it because nobody watches them anyway. Teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Seattle Supersonics, and Cal's football team with their yellow uniforms, and even the Chicago Bears with their orange uniforms should feel embarrassed every time they play in those ridiculously bright uniforms. The internet pictures do not do them enough justice. With the college basketball season starting again, well over half of the schools have changed their uniforms, and well over half of that half has traded nice jerseys in for fashion nightmares. Why does Nike and Adidas continue to get paid to put out such awful uniforms? It will be a mystery to me forever more. Very few teams outfitted by Nike have been lucky enough to get decent uniforms. As for the rest, as sad as it may be, they will NEVER win in style.

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