Friday, January 26, 2007

Flopping Might Become Illegal in the NBA

Stu Jackson, VP of Operations for the NBA, announced this week that the NBA is looking into allowing referees to assess players technical fouls for flopping in games. FIBA, which is over international basketball, already allows its referees to hit players with technicals for flopping. As of now, the NBA is just looking into the possibilities of giving referees this added measure of power. I have played basketball both recreationally and competitively for many years, and I have never really understood how players flop. It's borderline cheating in my views. It's like traveling; taking anymore than 2 steps just feels unorthodox. While it could be an honest assessment that mostly everybody who has ever played basketball has flopped before, there are some that are worse than others. Without any further ado, I give you my 2006-07 NBA All-Flop Team:
(1) Sam Cassell, LA Clippers - He has been "poked in the eye" so much I'm surprised he isn't blind yet.
(2) Gilbert Arenas, Washingtion Wizards - How come he never yells "Hibachi!" at the foul line? He's there enough.
(3) Manu Ginobli, San Antonio Spurs - He is a high-flying, free-falling type of player. He's going to hurt himself before anybody hurts him.
(4) Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks - He screams and flails his arms and legs around like an unhappy baby.
(5) Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs - He's always trying to draw a foul, and always acts surprised when the ref calls nothing.
(Yeah, that's right, Tim Duncan is taking the 5 spot on my team because he is a center. Some would argue that he isn't a center, but he is. The biggest outrage is that he was voted on the West's All-Star team this year as a forward, when he should be a center to make room for another more deserving forward from a conference that has so many that any of them being left out of the All-Star game is considered a 'snub.')
Although I highly despise flopping and those who do it, I don't think that allowing referees to hand out technicals for doing it will change a thing. For one, referees already miss SO MANY calls. Adding one more thing for them to look for will only complicate their already difficult job. And secondly, if the referees understand what's a flop and what's not, then why do they call fouls on flops? You would think that if they could tell the difference then they wouldn't call the foul. That is one of the things being researched by the NBA, if in real time the referees can really tell the difference. If they call fouls now, they won't call technical fouls later.

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