Friday, January 12, 2007

Michelle Wie, You Need to Find Your Place!

Is anybody else sick and tired of hearing about Michelle Wie? I certainly am. Never has such mediocrity ever been tolerated so much in golf. It's like the golf world is trying to find another Tiger Woods, thinking they have found it in the form of a teenage girl.'s also like the NBA trying to find another Michael Jordan. I've got a message for all the people in the basketball and golf worlds: THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER TIGER WOODS, AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER MICHAEL JORDAN! LeBron James is really good, but will he win 6 championships? I highly doubt it. Michelle Wie will do good things on the LPGA, and at Stanford (where she plans to attend college), but will she ever win a PGA tour event? Simply put, no! In her few years of participating in PGA tour events, Wie has never made a cut! Yesterday Ms. Wie posted a +8 on her first 9 holes at the Sony Open, so playing this weekend isn't looking too bright for her either. It seems as though Michelle is a lost cub, just like Simba in the Lion King. "You need to find your place in the circle of life." And Michelle, just to get the thought process started, your place is not on the PGA tour.

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Erik said...

The LPGA has so many up and coming golfers that sponsors could latch onto. A lot of whom are much better golfers and hit the ball farther.

But they don't have nike backing them like Michelle does. Look at Freddy Adu in soccer. He has Nike, he may become great, but his flashes of brilliance are overshadowed by his lack of experience mistakes.

Hopefully she'll take a few years off and find her own way. Maybe she'll stay at stanford, i doubt it, but it's possible.