Saturday, October 28, 2006

NBA Preseason Rankings - Part 2 of 5

It's that time of year where everybody is releasing their NBA preseason rankings. I've never seen a preseason ranking that was indicative of how they rank at the end of the season, but I can assure you that my rankings will stay just about the same ALL year. That's because I'm ranking according to how much I respect them(1), or how little I respect them(30). In part 2 of 5, I'll rank teams 19-24.

19. Boston Celtics- Was Sebastian Telfair connected with the shooting of that rapper last week? Probably, but rest assured that his cousin Stephon Marbury vouched that Sebastian wasn’t. I can't be so sure though, he was caught with a handgun last year on the team plane.

20. Atlanta Hawks- Ever since Lenny Wilkins left, the Hawks have been is disarray. Maybe Dominique Wilkins should come out of retirement. Or maybe they should bring back Dikembe Mutumbo and his finger wagging ways.

21. New York Knicks- Seeing Nate Robinson dunk was pretty amazing, shades of Spudd Webb. But honestly, after “attempting” his final dunk about 15 times, the excitement was gone when he finally made it and won the Dunk Contest. Isaiah Thomas is a poor excuse for a President of basketball operations, do you think that he’s running this franchise into the ground on purpose? It will be interesting to see how he does as the head coach.

22. Denver Nuggets- I really like the Nuggets jerseys. Carmelo Anthony has been growing on me after a great showing in the World Games representing the United States. I just wish that he would find a better group of “friends” that would stop leaving drugs in his car and in his bag. Can anybody else honestly believe that Reggie Evans grabbed Chris Kaman’s junk last year in the playoffs? I think somebody should really give Kenyon Martin a new nickname, does he know that K-Mart declared bankruptcy? Hmm, maybe that’s why he has been good for nothing the last couple of years.

23. San Antonio Spurs- Do you remember when San Antonio used to have pink on it’s court? I do, that was pretty funny. Do you remember during Tim Duncan’s senior year at Wake Forest when San Antonio tanked their season on purpose so that they could daft him? I do, the Spurs sure cheated the system there. There’s a short route to rebuilding a team, just throw away a season or two so you can get some top draft picks. It worked for the Spurs!

24. Chicago Bulls- Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Jordan’s shadow…..I mean…..Scottie Pippen played for the Bulls, and I don’t like them. Ben Wallace now plays for the Bulls, and I don’t like him, he’s a waste of carbon. Adres Nocioni looks like Dirk Nowitzki, and I don’t like him. For all of these reasons, I’ve concluded that I don’t like the Bulls. I was all smiles for those few years after Jordan when the Bulls couldn’t buy a win.

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Annabelle said...

In all honesty I'm torn about where you've placed the Nuggets. I love Chris Kaman to pieces and therefore detest Reggie Evans for his actions last season, which should therefore place them even lower on your list. However, how can you not love little Earl Boykins as well? He's really the only reason to like the goofy team!