Sunday, October 29, 2006

NBA Preseason Rankings - Part 3 of 5

It's that time of year where everybody is releasing their NBA preseason rankings. I've never seen a preseason ranking that was indicative of how they rank at the end of the season, but I can assure you that my rankings will stay just about the same ALL year. That's because I'm ranking according to how much I respect them(1), or how little I respect them(30). In part 3 of 5, I'll rank teams 13-18.

13. Milwaukee Bucks- Got to hand it to them for changing their colors and jerseys from that purple to a much sleeker red that they used to have. No matter how I hard I try, I just can't like Andrew Bogut. He really needs a decent haircut; he hasn't had one in years.

14. Memphis Grizzlies- Coach Mike Fratello hasn't aged in almost 25 years, it sure helps that he colors his hair. Pao Gasol might want to shave that nasty beard before he gets picked up by the cops as a suspected pedophile. The best thing that happened to this franchise was getting out of Canada.

15. Charlotte Bobcats- The Bobcats have seemed to assemble a team full of juniors, sophomores, and rookies, almost all of which had tremendous success in college. I just hope that none of them turn out to be NBA busts or the Bobcats are going to be screwed.

16. Golden State Warriors- I personally blame the Warriors for all of Latrell Sprewell's hard life. I wonder if he has food on the table for his kids now that he has been unemployed for a whole year. What kind of "warrior" is in their logo anyway? It looks like a member of the X-Men, he even holds lightning. Maybe he flings those things around like Zeus!

17. Toronto Raptors- Oh, Canada, the place where NBA players go to waste away. The Grizzlies were lucky to get out of Canada, will the Raptors ever be that fortunate? Here's a prediction for you, the Raptors will NEVER win a NBA championship.

18. New Orleans Hornets- Are you catching the Chris Paul fever? I'm certainly not. The only reason why he had good stats last year was because nobody else on the team could score. Chris Paul is just another Stephon Marbury. He gets his fair share of points and assists, but he will never be able to take his team deep into the postseason. Here's another prediction for you, Chris Paul will never win a championship.

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